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After A Storm, Water In Buildings

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO when outside water makes its way indoors!

SERVPRO is a leader in disaster restoration. Our services include water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation

Water damage can occur for several reasons, including burst pipes, broken appliances, and flooding from natural disasters.

One of the most common types of water damage calls we receive after storms is called water ingress.

What is water ingress?

Water ingress, also known as penetrating damp, is when water from outside infiltrates a property. It happens for various reasons and ways. 

Put another way, whenever water passes through walls and comes inside the property, it’s water ingress.

Water making its way into your building or house is something to worry about because it could result in damage and lead to expensive and further problems. 

The damage can include fungal decay, destruction of the decoration, and long-term mold issues associated with dampness. These can have effects on your health and lifestyle; therefore, preventing water ingress is crucial. The solution? Contact a local water ingress expert like SERVPRO.

Causes of water ingress in buildings:

There are several reasons for water ingress. Here are some of the most common: 

  • Damaged Walls - deteriorated wall results in seals between mortar and brickwork becoming porous; this allows water through the wall, otherwise known as water ingress. 
  • Defective or leaking drainage - cracked, blocked, and defective downpipes with faulty seals are one of the main reasons for penetrating damp and water ingress. 
  • Roof damage - Any missing shingles or defective seals will allow water ingress. Roof maintenance and inspection are essential in identifying broken or missing tiles or seals to prevent this water entryway. 
  • Leaky basement window seals - if there are broken or damaged seals around basement windows, the waterproofing capabilities are diminished, and water will likely ingress into the building.
  • Flash Flooding - If your residency is in an area where floods are common, then the large volume of water is a common factor for resulting water ingress 

In short, defects in the building, such as cracks, put your property at risk of water ingress. Water ingress risk increases with a large volume of water from flash floods or storms.

Where can water ingress? 

Water ingress in basements, cellars, and roofs has the greatest chance of occurrence in any property.

If you’re going to assess where water ingress has a chance for developing on your property, you should look at these common signs:

  • Plaster peeling off the wall
  • Damp, musty smell in the attic or basement
  • Mold growth on any wall
  • Damp patches on any wall
  • Visible water in basement or attic

Type C waterproofing systems are widely known and used to drain out the water safely from the property. If you suspect your waterproofing system is damaged, contact a waterproofing specialist like SERVPRO. We deal with all kinds of queries and are here to serve and assist you. 

Water ingress mitigation

In mitigation, you first need to assess the situation. The most crucial stage to treat the water ingress is to check the dampness and determine the water’s source. After the assessment, professionals must remove moisture and water from your property from both the structure and air itself. The last step of the mitigation process is the restoration and sanitation of the property to return to a healthy and safe condition. Trust the professionals at SERVPRO to determine the cause of the situation and provide the necessary steps for repairs. 

Regular checks will help ensure that building defects will not be hazardous and stop the water from making its way into the property. Efficient and fast clean up is crucial; we have water ingress mitigation specialists to help your business get in the pre-disaster condition and become fully operational again. 

Suppose you’re struggling with any damp related issue or water ingress. In that case, SERVPRO is the preferred water restoration vendor for many insurance companies. They will help you diagnose and identify the solution so you can be free from water ingress and dampness-related issues. 

Water mitigation is an essential part of restoring your property. Address any water damage signs as soon as you spot them—this will save you from long-term hassles, time, and further costs. SERVPRO specializes in drying, cleaning, restoring, and sanitizing your property. Contact us if you’ve noticed water ingress at your office, business, or home. We are here to assist you!

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